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Variable Data Industry                             Click here for product information

Transform your business documents into advertising vehicles!

Transpromotional or Variable Data Software allows you to enhance and customize mailings,
saving you time and earning money.

Transpromo software can offer:

From financial services to international logistics, retail and graphic arts, users across many industries and markets have adopted variable data printing. Variable data printing can add value to almost any business document, transactional or promotional or a combination of both. In each application, intelligent documents increase the usability of existing business information, and workflow automation makes the production process efficient, accurate and affordable.

FTI offers solutions for all variable data printing needs, for complex transactional printing with process automation or simple promotional purposes, our solutions answer the needs of all industries to enhance bills, invoices, coupons, labels, postcards, flyers and much more. Select an industry to see how our products can assist in making your printing operations efficient and cost-effective!

Variable Data Software allows you to enhance and customize mailings,
saving you time and earning money. Call us or email us to find out how:


Workflow Automation gives companies much needed productivity within their existing document processes. The benefits are significant: reduced labor, faster production, error reduction and better use of staffing. For digital printing workflow, automation generates greater efficiency and frees resources for other tasks. With the right tools, even processes like composition and submission can benefit from intelligent automation.

Information Retrieval is perhaps the most valuable commodity in any business. Fast access to data in archived documents results in better business decisions, accelerated customer service and work performed more quickly. Some archive tools offer little query flexibility and restrict users to plodding document-by-document searches. Ideally, information retrieval should offer intuitive searches, fast, precise retrieval and exact image presentment. All kinds of users should be comfortable with the system.

Multi-Channel Distribution automates the processing, distribution and printing of your transactional and promotional documents. Today there are many more delivery choices for transactional and promotional materials. To suit the intended channel, documents must be transformed on the fly. It takes versatility to accommodate a range of media and formats such as print, email, web site, fax, PDF or some combination of these. Ideally, documents should be distributed automatically to the channels designated for them, without reworking the original application.

Web-to-Print technology is making print ordering more efficient and cost-effective for both variable and static jobs. Customers can view templates online, submit jobs, integrate data, or reorder documents to print anytime, anywhere. Users benefit from real-time previewing, proofing and approval. Integrated order management and workflow reduce time to publish.

Document Design, when done well, documents can play a greater role in business success than ever before. Variable document design in particular is getting more attention as more companies seek the potential of personalized direct mail, statements, forms, and other applications. A good document design tool must be versatile enough to work with a variety of documents, and sophisticated enough to build the complex variable content that has the most relevance for recipients. The best tools also make it easy to handle the inevitable changes and updates, and support associated processes like proofing and approval. Compatibility with leading design packages like Quark and InDesign gives companies an integrated solution that fits with existing practices without changing them.

Integrated Archiving allows companies to reduce the costs and hassles of filing hard copies by storing documents as digital images. Small digital file formats allow more efficient storage and faster network transfer. Processes that rely on archived documents like customer service or reprints can be performed faster with less effort. No more misplaced or lost paper copies. Integrated digital archiving helps stem the flood of paper documents, and makes digitized versions readily accessible to a wider range of authorized users. The best archiving solutions provide up-to-the-minute repositories, detailed indexing and fast retrieval.

Promotional Printing lets commercial printers operate highly efficient online storefronts, so users can create personalized documents using templates, submit print jobs and manage the entire order process from creation to delivery. Brochures, flyers, direct mail, coupons and other promotional materials drive marketing strategies and promote business growth. To create these specialized documents, companies need versatile composition tools that support both variable and static content in small or large quantities. Easy design features encourage fast development and simplify changes, while tracking mechanisms like barcodes add further value. Instant proofing reduces errors and speeds turnaround for faster response to market changes.

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