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Mailing & Print Business Management System
Midnight Software
Powerful web based mailing management system

Midnight is designed to help printing companies be more successful in mailing services, and to do it efficiently, cleanly, and profitably. It’s for printers who are expanding beyond the confines of traditional print and moving into more broad-based marketing services such as mailing, fulfillment, data analytics, purls, and email blasts.

Midnight contains tools to help companies price these services correctly and manage complex marketing projects from start to finish, allowing them to maximize profitability by being more efficient.


Midnight Mail Management


  • Capture mailing service revenues to increase profits
  • Improve quoting and management of mailing jobs
  • Track complex tasks like data processing, lasering, ink jetting, and multiple drops/versions
  • Full accounting for postage receipts, transfers, and escrow accounts
  • Provide customers with online reporting for marketing campaigns
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  • Increases Productivity
  • Eliminates redundant paperwork
  • Provides better accountability for tasks
  • Integrates with standard accounting packages
  • Extends information with flexible reporting tools
  • Can be accesses anytime from anywhere.
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Midnight Mail

Details on Key Features for Midnight Mail:


Pricing for the varied elements of marketing campaigns can be complex, and even overwhelming. Midnight Mail can help to make the process easier for your team through pre-load expert pricing and service matrices that you can edit and customize as needed.

Each element of a campaign can be assigned simple flat fee pricing, per hour pricing, or more complex variable per piece or per thousand pricing. The flexibility of the pricing module accommodates most any pricing model you already have or want to establish. Once the pricing is established, your estimators, sales reps, or customer service reps will be able to quickly produce quotes for even complex campaigns.

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Job and Campaign Tracking:

Once your client has approved the estimate, it's time to begin the work. At this point it is imperative that your team stay on top of the project making sure that each element is completed on time.

With Midnight Mail, each of the campaign elements in the estimate gets converted to an order. Once in order, Midnight Mail helps to track progress of each of the tasks, with visibility of where the job is at any stage of the process. You can also track time and costs along the way to aid in valuable job costing analysis of the project once complete.

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With its easy to use billing interface, you can create customer invoices in seconds. Just complete final information on a job, select an invoice date, and print your invoice. Invoices can be generated as PDF files and emailed right from the program. The system also features the ability to integrate with several industry leading standard accounting packages.

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Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Track and grow your sales with Midnight Mail's powerful customer relationship management features. This module allows your sales and customer services team to collaborate by tracking emails, logging prospecting activities, scheduling reminders, managing sales benchmarks, adding additional contacts, and reporting on sales pipelines.

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PRICING: Call 888-970-9944


540-949-7266 (Phone)

888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

Read about our price guarantee


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