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Mail shop and Print Shop Fulfillment Management
Midnight Fulfillment
Fulfillment Management

Designed for companies needing inventory tracking, pick & pack, and online ordering/storefront
capabilities or commercial printers or mail houses who store materials for customers. Win new business with web based fulfillment. Features online storefronts, robust inventory control, integration with FedEx, UPS, Endicia, and EDI.


Midnight Fulfillment Management


  • Receiving (Web services, storefronts, import orders)
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Control
  • Pick & Pack
  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Mailing & Shipping
  • Billing
  • Smart Phone Ap - integrates web reporting with mobile devices
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  • Web based solution available through major web browsers
  • Easy to build web storefronts for your clients
  • Built-in order management workflow
  • Order entry via web storefronts, batch imports or manual entry
  • Integration with UPS Worldship™ and FedEx Shipping Manager™ applications
  • Kit assembly
  • Activity based billing system
  • Standard suite of management reports
  • Web services for integrating with third party shipments and storefronts
  • Hand-held bar code scanner with Wi-Fi connectivity
Call for Pricing: 888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

Midnight Fulfillment™ is a fulfillment management system designed to allow your organization to quickly implement a robust web based solution to meet the needs of your fulfillment customers. Whether you are building a new fulfillment program or looking to improve your fulfillment services offering, Midnight Fulfillment™ will help you transform your operation.

Built by experienced fulfillment industry professionals using a web-based architecture and the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server© database platform, Midnight Fulfillment™ provides your organization with the flexibility and “ease-of-use” to efficiently run your fulfillment operation.

Key Features:

  • Web based solution available through major web browsers
  • Easy to build web storefronts for your clients
  • Built-in order management workflow
  • Order entry via web storefronts, batch imports or manual entry
  • Integration with UPS Worldship™ and FedEx Shipping Manager™ applications
  • Kit assembly
  • Activity based billing system
  • Standard suite of management reports
  • Web services for integrating with third party shipments and storefronts
  • Hand-held bar code scanner with Wi-Fi connectivity

Midnight Fulfillment provides workflow tools and real-time insight to help you simplify management of your fulfillment operation. Designed by fulfillment industry professionals, Midnight Fulfillment provides your customers with powerful features that are easy for you to manage and afford.

With Midnight Fulfillment you can provide your customers with…

  • Secure online storefronts
  • Online reports
  • Email event notifications
  • Order status and package tracking
  • Accurate, real-time inventory counts

While you enjoy…

  • Out-of-the-box, industry standard workflow tools
  • Low-cost, hosted SAAS delivery model
  • Accurate, transaction-based inventory tracking
  • Easy to configure storefronts
  • Standard managerial reports


Details on Key Features for Midnight Fulfillment:


Proper receiving is a crucial step in maintaining a solid, transaction-based history of inventory. Midnight Fulfillment keeps the ‘back door’ secure by requiring all materials entering your facilities to be properly documented and received. It includes a two-step process for receiving items and for then assigning them to warehouse locations.

  • Disciplined process requiring receipt of all materials into the system
  • Ability to receive multiple line items for a single customer in one receipt
  • Pre-putaway documentation tickets for all received pallets
  • Two step receiving process separating the receiving process from the warehouse putaway process
  • Unplaced’ mode for materials allows items to be received prior to availability for order fulfillment

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Creating Orders and Assemblies

In the world of fulfillment, orders can come in from many ways: by batch file, by phone, by email, from a third party storefront. Midnight Fulfillment supports multiple mechanisms for receiving orders into the system for fulfillment.

Online Storefronts:
The ideal solution, online storefronts allow individuals to create an order directly into the system

  • Designed to be created by customer support personnel without IT/developer involvement
  • Customer reporting available
  • Order Tracking
  • Address book for frequently used ship-to addresses
  • Credit card purchasing
  • Cost center, purchase order or GLID capture at order time

Manual Orders:
For orders that come in via phone, email or other non-standard method

  • Internal users like CSR’s or Account Managers can quickly enter orders.
  • Can be tracked separately for billing at a higher rate than lower-cost order methods

Batch Order Import:
For entry of multiple orders at a time using a standard order layout specification

  • Increased automation for you and your customers
  • Order review prior to import

Web Service Order Import:
Fully automated solution allows orders to be programmatically imported into your system

  • Integrate with third party storefronts/shopping carts
  • Ability to integrate with external order management systems or EDI providers

Request Assembly:
Enable customers to pre-Order kit assemblies

  • Create requests with a real time view of inventory status to ensure that targets for builds can be met
  • Preview both composition and tasks for assembly with a cost summary
  • Can be requested by internal staff or customer personnel
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Order Management
Visualize, edit, batch and release orders from one area. Release orders within batches to the warehouse when you are ready with the click of a mouse.

Real-time display of pending order with filter options
Aggregate orders in batches for production to increase efficiency
Queue up batches and manually release for pulling, packing and shipping
Backorder processing
Detailed order inquiry tool for retrieving and viewing order detail and status

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Packing & Shipping
Midnight Fulfillment provides tools to support packing and shipment of orders. Packing confirmation has tools to track the number of boxes per shipment, generate packing slips with custom logos and automate confirmation for large batches.
Integration with shipping software packages (e.g. UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager) eliminates duplicate order entry while automating capture of tracking numbers, shipping costs per container.

  • Template-based customize packing slips
  • Mass pack & ship processing for large batches
  • Serial number capture at packing time
  • Shipping workstation integration with UPS Worldship & FedEx Ship Manager
  • Box level shipping and shipment reconciliation with tracking number and cost.
  • Email confirmation at time of shipment reconciliation
  • Automated credit card transaction capture at shipment reconciliation

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Reporting & Inquiries
Midnight Fulfillment provides real-time access to warehouse and order activity to help you and your customers make informed managerial decisions. You can now put reporting into the hands of the end user in real time. Utilization of Microsoft SQL Report Manager provides the ease and depth of analysis required to fit the many unique reporting needs of each client.

  • Product Inquiry tool provides a powerful summary into pending orders, inventory counts, warehouse locations, receipt history and inventory transactions for an inventory item
  • Order Inquiry tool enables users to view an order’s content, view the entire order history or email a summary of the order
  • Warehouse inquiry tool enables users to view the contents of all inventory locations and to make adjustments
  • SQL Report Manager based reporting with multiple output formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, XML, HTML)
  • Storefront reporting can be limited to individuals and only includes Customer related orders and activity
  • Custom reports can be created by our Virtual Systems support team

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Account Management
Customer accounts can be set up quickly from a single access point. Individual customers can have multiple fulfillment projects (i.e. Storefronts) with different sets of product offerings, pricing, order limits, authorization rules or purchasing methods.

  • Define inventory items and kits
  • Inventory reorder email notifications
  • Order related email notifications: Backorder created, order received, order shipped, order authorization required
  • Customized billing charges per customer and storefront
  • Easy to set up, template-based,storefront customization
  • Order limits for individual inventory items
  • Define available shipping methods and accounts
  • Manage storefront user access and rights

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The Administration section serves as the control center for Midnight Fulfillment. System wide table maintenance is located here, including shipping methods, warehouse configuration and data import functions.

  • Create and maintain system user accounts and privileges
  • Define warehouse configuration and locations
  • Set up shipping carriers and freight methods
  • Cancel unshipped orders
  • Import product and user account information
  • Configure credit card payment gateway

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Midnight Fulfillment automates periodic billing to clients by allowing creation of billing templates for fulfillment customers. Billable events can have a per instance fee associated with them. Midnight Fulfillment tracks billable activity over the billable period and generates invoice data. This data can be edited and exported to major accounting systems.

  • Preview invoice detail automatically generated for a customer for a billing period
  • Manually edit and close invoices
  • Create advances and adjustments to account
  • Export invoice data to external account systems
  • Accounting Integration

Midnight Fulfillment integrates with a number of leading accounting packages.

  • Peachtree
  • QuickBooks
  • Great Plains
  • Business Works – SOP
  • MAS90
  • DACEasy

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Midnight Fulfillment Warehouse PDA Option
With the award-winning Midnight Fulfillment Warehouse PDA option, users get an out-of-the-box, barcode inventory management system integrated into Midnight Fulfillment. The Midnight Fulfillment Warehouse PDA solution provides:

  • Improved inventory accuracy -Barcode scanning reduces scope for operator error
  • Real-time update of database updates – No lag time between event and database update. Wi-fi functionality eliminates the need for cradling the device. Updates occur immediately
  • Increased warehouse productivity – Perform fulfillment and warehouse activity from the device without traveling to a workstation
  • Affordable, ready-to-use solution – Avoid expensive, difficult to integrate, third-party barcode solutions with this integrated package
  • Impress prospective fulfillment clients – The barcode enabled PDA provides an outstanding demonstration opportunity on plant tours adding to the credibility of your operation

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Smartphone Applications
Query Anything provides users with mobile access to critical business information.

Query Anything is an agile and easy-to-use application that transforms your Apple Iphone, Apple Ipad, Android phone, BlackBerry phone into a flexible tool for querying your company’s database.

Query Anything is an indispensable tool for owners, managers, and IT groups who need more information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. It is also perfect for supplying key people with up-to-the-minute progress reports on sales data, production stats, accounting info, transactional data, inventory levels, and more. Take your information sharing and reporting services to the next level today with this powerful app.

Query Anything requires the purchase and installation of a server-side component that will provide for the connections to your database. This module, which is easily configurable, is available for all SQL Server databases.

Once the server-side component is installed, Query Anything will link to your Mail-Shop, Digi-Shop, or Midnight SQL Server database, allowing you to navigate your data, view critical benchmarks, and make key business decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.

  • Complete set of powerful management reports, ready to use
  • Email any report from right from your smartphone
  • Define user groups and privileges for each report
  • Create personalized reports for anyone to view on their smartphone or the web
  • Create and customize your own reports using native SQL views
  • To deploy the server side component – Query Anything requires either Midnight or Mail-Shop/Digi-Shop SQL v8.3 or higher, and a Microsoft Windows Server running IIS and

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PRICING: Call 888-970-9944


540-949-7266 (Phone)

888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

Read about our price guarantee


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