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Mailing Software
Track N Trace with Mail Manager

Intelligent mailpiece delivery tracking, for smarter and more effective mailings

Track N Trace uses the Intelligent Mail® barcode to track the progress of each mailpiece from your facility to its destination. Fully integrated into Mail Manager's presorting software solutions, Track N Trace is easily used with most presorted First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail® or Periodical mailings. The Track N Trace Reseller site offers your clients the ability to track their direct mail campaign through the mailstream using your company Track N Trace reseller site.

Track N Trace

Mail Manager 2010
Track N Trace enhances your mailings with…

  • Predictability - pinpoint delivery dates for tightly coordinated marketing efforts
  • Accountability - keep tabs on postal performance and be a watchdog for clients
  • Visibility - makes the mailstream an "open book," to plan mailing jobs for optimum results


  • Uses USPS Intelligent Mail barcode to deliver end-to-end tracking of a job's path through the mailstream
  • An express lane to the IM™ barcode—no need to apply for a USPS Mailer ID
  • Performance Reports, with advanced mapping and 3-digit ZIP specificity, provide enhanced reporting
  • Data exports give quick, easy access to detailed mailpiece and scan data
  • Available reseller option allows third-party branding of Track N Trace to end-user clients

Call for Pricing: 888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

Track N Trace(R) details:

With the advanced Performance Reports and Export Report functionality available in Track N Trace(R)-- OneCode Confirm(R) option fully integrated into Mail Manager solutions—you'll know where your mailings are every step of the way through the mailstream, for greater visibility, predictability and accountability.

Track N Trace users can take advantage of the following enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities when tracking their mailings:

Performance Reports
Provide detailed data about the delivery of mailing jobs.

Delivery Summary report - View mailpiece performance by specific 5-digit ZIP Code(TM), three digit range, state, or export data for all mailpieces using the Export Report feature.
Scan Detail report - View individual mailpiece scan data on demand, with multiple search criteria fields available to narrow results.

Data Exports - Request data exports for all mailpieces, specific mailpieces, or for scan data within a mailing, and have a link sent to a user-specified e-mail address where it can then be exported into a database for further analysis.

Mailpiece Export - Extract mailpiece data for all mailpieces, mailpieces that have not received a scan, or mailpieces either with or without an estimated delivery date. Data can be limited to ZIP code or estimated delivery date range.
Scan Export - Extract both mailpiece and scan data for all mailpieces having scans or mailpieces either with or without an estimated delivery date. Data can be limited to ZIP code or estimated delivery date range.

Track N Trace Reseller Sitenew

24/7 OneCode Confirm reporting functionality
in a secure, worry-free Web-based interface.
This option provides users of prepaid Track N Trace service with a stand-alone Reseller Site -- branded with your own company logo, signature colors and key text -- that lets end-users access vital OneCode Confirm scan data at their convenience. Accounts are password-protected for end-user confidentiality, and all scan data records are stored on Bell and Howell’s secure servers, to ensure worry-free accessibility without elaborate set-up or maintenance concerns.

Features & Benefits

  • Amplifies functionality of Track N Trace OneCode Confirm mailpiece tracking service (sold separately)
  • Offers secure end-user access to essential OneCode Confirm delivery data
  • Customizable site may be branded with subscriber’s company logo, signature colors, and key contact information
  • Reseller Site URL link may be added to existing company Web site

Since 1986, FTI has provided mailing software solutions to clients around the country. FTI has the expertise to advise your business or organization which software is the best choice for your application.

Call for Pricing: 888-970-9944 (Toll-free)


540-949-7266 (Phone)

888-970-9944 (Toll-free)


Read about our price guarantee

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